Welcoming a new life


A birth story is about documenting the emotional, life-changing and priceless moments on the day your baby is born. Whether natural or c-section, at home or in a hospital, its your story about bringing a life into this world. My focus is the raw connections between partners and the love-filled intimacy in the room. Labor can be a complete blue and while we think we will remember everything.. we jus't don't. This is where I come in as a photographer and freeze these special moments for you, big and small so you can relive meeting your tiny human for the first time, for the rest of your life.

Starting at $800


These sessions are shot with as much natural light the hospital has to offer and are still considered a lifestyle session. This is not a traditional newborn session, I will not pose the baby or bring any type of props other than a single white swaddle. These photos are to capture birth and the first interactions with your precious new blessing! This session is meant to preserve those moments that pass by oh so quickly. Starting from the labor process to the birthing (natural or c section, however it may go). Image ideas may include but are not limited to: room and hospital details, mom and baby, dad and baby, baby's feet and hands; mom, dad, and siblings interacting with baby, or simply gazing at each other! This session cam included just black and white, just color or both. These are not available for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family members, etc.

Starting at $450